...a comic eco-operetta about the science of air and atmosphere!!


Original Story & Libretto by Rick Huff


GASP!!! is designed to be appreciated on multiple levels of

entertainment and education by young people and adults alike.


Mother Eartha has a "breathtaking" problem.

She's losing her atmosphere!!!

Apparently someone has discovered a way to collect air.

That "someone" is eccentric arch-villain Count Airgo.  He wanders

the land with Gustoff, the imposing C.E.O. of his massive All Factory,

sucking in precious air with an "Air Snare" to use for their own

mysterious schemes!  Determined to rescue the world from this

peril are Mother Eartha's friends--bumbling caped superhero

Jet Stream and Airin, his brainier superheroine partner/protector.

But four kids from "the next generation"step from the audience

into the living comic book story, and it quickly becomes clear

it will really be their job to learn the science of it and put things right.

Along the way they discover the properties of air and the problems

facing the environment as they help solve the mystery and learn

what they need to do in real life.




Mother Eartha                     Contralto

Airin               Soprano

Jet Stream                Tenor

Count Airgo             Tenor

Gustoff                      Bass

Mayor of Babbleland                     Baritone

Bloominhale                        Baritone

Various smaller parts

Chorus of Adults

Chorus of Children (with 4 small individual parts)